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sysex - not all the patches please !


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afternoon, probably a daft question, but I am a novice. I've just started using a PC with an M1..., and managed to download the Alesis Sysex utilty, which seems to work fine, ie it easily and quickly managed to over-write my on-board sounds almost instanteously - the question is this, I see lots of downloadable M1 sounds on the net, yet, when I download, the majority are not exactly inspiring, but there are some good-one's within say the 100 now dumped on my synth...how can I selectively choose which ones I want, and don't want, ie I like the piano on download X, but the other 99 are a waste,yet I don't want to over-write the rest of my m1 sounds. Hope you can help,.appreciate this may seem a little elementary, judging by the mails I've read so far.

thank you, from a very cold England ! C.

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Christine - I don't have an M1, but since nobody else stepped in, I'll try to be of help anyway.


I guess you're transmitting raw SysEx data packets to your M1, and you have some kind of MIDI connection beetween the computer and the keyboard.

First thing to check is if the M1 is capable of receiving and/or transmitting single patches. I guess it is - but in case it is not, you only hope would be using an editor/librarian program, I guess. Check the manual, and look for a function like "Single Patch midi bulk dump" or similar.

Assuming it can do it, you could load your banks one at a time, see what patches you like, then shooting them - one at a time - as MIDI files into a sequencer. Any sequencer program should accept them; just put it into "Record" and initiate the dump from the keyboard. If you don't have a sequencer or sequencer program, there are dozens to download, some really cheap or even free, especially if you only need this functionality.

Do this for every bank and every sound you like, then you can reload your saved single sounds from the sequencer to the synth - again, one at a time. Finally, you should have your "custom" bank ready. Remember to save it as a whole, too!

Of course, if you have an Editor/Librarian program, the process is much quicker - you shuffle your programs in the computer, then send the whole lot to the synth.


I hope this makes sense - Maybe some M1 owner could offer further help...

Or try Synthzone - It's a great site with links for most synths. From the main page click on Korg - you could even find some downloadable librarian program.




hope this helps



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