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introduction & question


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since i'm completely new here, i though a little introduction would be in order.


having played keyboards for a long time now (about 16 years), i decided recently to become a bit more serious in recording my own stuff. Since you guys at least seem to know what keyboards are all about i registered for the forum. I'm a computer programmer from holland, 33 yrs old , and still very into 70's & 80's synth music (TD for instance).


i may even be able to help somebody else... so if anybody is wondering where the h*ll they put that power switch on an SY77: just ask me.. :)


now for that question: a very long time ago, when Keyboard still had those plastic records in it, one of those records contained a recording from Patrick Leonard called 'Farewell fancy pastin'. I really loved that song ! I put it on a tape and played it over and over again. Unfortunately, when we moved last year, i lost the tape. Does anybody know how i can get hold of that song again ? Did it ever appear on an album ?


thanks in advance


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hi erpeewee,


welcome along to the informative and usually comical forum, not that i have the job of offically introducing you. i'm 24 and i like 80's synth pop too, but unfortunately there's not a lot of it around, unless you listen to kylie minogue's new album "fever" :rolleyes: (it's quite b-grade actually, more of a striptese performance on the cover than giving her muso's credit, but afterall - sex sells).


sorry, i can't help with that littl record. i'm sure one of the blokes around here will have it somewhere.

take care.


pray for peace,


"Consider how much coffee you're drinking - it's probably not enough."
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Originally posted by Robert Smedberg:

One of my favourites was Guy Babylon's.


Oh yeah. I also fondly remember Michael Boddicker's extraordinary "The Egg", the pieces from Lyle Mays and Roger Powell, Ralph Grierson's electronic pastiche... Unfortunately, my copy of Chick Corea's "Catapult" was damaged, so I never got a chance to hear it in its entirety.

I recorded quite a few of them on cassette... Not Leonard's piece, sorry.



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