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Good tutorial on audio plugins?

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Hmm...I had a good link awhile ago, but I'll have to find it again. In the meantime, I stumbled across [url=http://users.iafrica.com/k/ku/kurient/dsp/links.html]this page of DSP links[/url] which might be of some use. [url=http://www.kvr-vst.com/othlink.php]This page[/url] also might have some useful stuff.
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different formats to different systems.... VST was for a long time the standart plugin format , compitable with windows and Mac. Then PC (Sonar?) came up with DX, muto came up with MAS (mac only) and now Emagic-apple came up with Audio unit. As a user it doesn't really matter, you just choose your system DAW and use the plugin format available to you...

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