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Audiophile and Win Xp problems


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Im trying to get my Audiophile card to work with WIN XP PRO. I use a ASUS A7V133 VIA KT133A mobo.


Im having problems to assign a own IRQ to Audiophile. Right now it looks like this:


IRQ 0 - System timer

IRQ 1 - Standard 101/102 Keyboard

IRQ 6 - Standard floppy disk controller

IRQ 8 - System CMOS/real time clock

IRQ 9 - Microsoft ACPI Compilant System

IRQ 9 - Graphic card

IRQ 9 - VIA Rev 5 or later USB Universal Host

IRQ 9 - VIA Rev 5 or later USB Universal Host

IRQ 9 - Network card

IRQ 9 - M Audio Delta Audiophile

IRQ 9 - Promise Ultra IDE Controller

IRQ 12 - PS/2 Compatible Mouse

IRQ 13 - Numeric data processor

IRQ 14 - Primary IDE Channel

IRQ 15 - Secondary IDE Channel


How do i assign a own IRQ to Audiophile in Win XP?


Should I install this driver to get my Audiophile to work with Win XP:


Delta Series WDM (Multiclient)

05 Oct 2001


How do I install the driver? There is just .dll files.


Im running Cubase 5.1 but when it tests the card it goes out of sync. whats the problem?


Can anyone help me please.





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That's the correct driver.


The Audiophile multiclient drivers are working great on my 98SE system, hope that will be true for your WDM/XP setup.


I'm assuming XP has the same or similar approach- at any rate, the most important thing is that the drivers need to be installed. Those .dlls (there's an .exe or two in there too) will wind up in Windows/System, but don't just stick them there.


Download the Delta driver remover from midiman.net and execute that so you're starting from a clean slate.


Was the card working before you tried updating the driver? If not, if you're just installing the card, then I'd start from a really clean slate and remove the card (not physically but from the Device manager) and start again with Add New Hardware.


Open the file you got from midiman.net into a temporary directory or onto a diskette. What will happen is that you'll "update driver" from System/Device Manager - clicking on the installed device you'll see "update driver" and from there on out it should be clear, however XP has it set up.


You can let Windows search for the drivers but I just do "display list..." then "have disk..." and click on over to the temporary directory where the files are.


Even if XP is different than 98, the basic idea is that you must install the drivers and the card should wind up without an IRQ conflict- the DiO on my 98 machine is at IRQ 10 and the Audiophile on my 98SE machine at IRQ 5 without conflicts for example.


As far as losing sync with Cubase, if this still happens after you have the drivers correctly installed, hmmm... in Cubase, go to Options/Audio Setup/System and make sure everybody's playing from the same sheet of music. Clock source should be set to InternalXtal unless you have an external clock running, in which case it would be set to S/PDIF-in. You'll be able to choose from available drivers at the Audio I/O box, as well as access the Midiman control panel. Open the control panel and make sure it's all kosher- "hardware settings" the same as what you have in Cubase. The sample rate should be controllable from within Cubase, if it's locked in the Midiman panel you'll get some kind of complaint from Cubase.


Hopefully this is helpful.




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I have just installed Audiophile with the Win Xp drivers from midiman site with WIN XP. But when i use Reason and play sounds the sound is distorting all the time.

Same thing when i play soundfiles in Win XP. Audiophile card has its own IRQ. Im using ASUS A7V133 VIA KT133A mobo. I have connected my mixer to Analogue Out of Audiophile. Whats the problem?





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So everything is up and running and you're not losing sync, but get distorted playback?



Anyway, the first thing to do when getting distortion in playback is to take a look at the software mixers and make sure you're not red-lining anywhere. This includes the Midiman mixer of course, you should have a shortcut to it on your desktop. Obviously you know this but the various level meters in Cubase for example unfortunately don't exactly fall under the eyes.


The next thing is to check your latency and buffer settings. Although that usually would be more like a stutter, if it's not full-blown distortion but sounds like somebody interrupting the tune by stepping on a styrofoam cup maybe that's it.


I don't know if there's any advice for optimizing XP at




but the advice there on buffers and such for 98 sure worked for me.


Hopefully it's just something so basic. If it's distorting in one channel only, there are a couple of other possibilities so let me know.




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