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Requirements for a solo show

Blues Disciple

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You guys are much more experienced than I am, so I am hoping to dig into your brain for some suggestions. What do you think are the absolute required components of a good solo show (one guy and a piano/keyboard)? What is needed as far as chops, stage patter, presence, appearance, equipment, material, venues, and so on?


This question was spurred on by the Billy Joel show mentioned on my earlier post. Albeit, we're all not Billy Joel.



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Hello BD,

I mostly play solo gigs . Not awhole lot of them , but I do have a few coming up !

I will use my Ketron SD1 arranger keyboard . I have been involved with Solton/Ketron products for over 6 years now .

The SD1 has 76 keys . I can handle most piano songs with these octaves . Honesty , New York state of Mind are a few piano solo stuff .

I use real time styles/ arrangements for most songs I perform .

I also will use midi sequences for the songs that can not be handled by a generic style .

I have a mic input on my keyboard . I can also perform great harmonys directly from the keyboard as well .

The keyboard has a 6 gig hrd drive for storing sequences and .wav files etc....

I will use 2 Yamaha MSP5 powered monitors for the smaller venue's .

Powered JBL's for bigger venues . That's it ! Sometimes I have a guitar player join in .

Soon I should have some MP3's available to give you keyboard guru's an idea ! That's it .......Dano :D:D

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