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iPod, anyone yet?


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I'd like one, but I will have to wait til something like it runs on Windows. For now I will settle for my Nomad Jukebox . I just upgraded it to 20 gigs. Very nice to have something I can listen to the on the bus, then I plug it into my Model 88 radio on my desk at work, listen to it all day while it charges the batteries. Listen to it on the way home, and then I plug it into my computer and make the playlist for tomorrow.


I wish it was as small as the iPod and had firewire instead of usb, but I'm sure Creative Labs are working on a new Nomad Jukebox for us Windoze users that will have those improvements


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Originally posted by tenthplanet:

E-mail Apple; there are rumours of software for Windows compatability. Let em know you want it.



Of course there are rumors, because there are all sorts of people who saw the picture of the thing and want it. Personally I think Apple would be nuts not to add Windows software before Christmas rolls around.


Since I just spent $150US to upgrade/fix my Nomad I won't be getting an iPod myself, but they ARE very cool.


PS, any Nomad Jukebox owners: Don't fill up the hard drive all the way. Apparently it needs some free space to index all those mp3s, and if it runs out of room it will not boot up properly. :mad: They coulda put some kinda warning inBOLD

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Looks very neat!

I like the fact you can store

full WAV files if you want...


The data back-up feature is a great

bounus, but they mention "data mode"

as if perhaps you can't mix MP3 files

and pure data files...


What would be REALLY hip is if PT Free

could record onto the drive during

a concert and I could listen to it right away...

Only problem.. PT still won't record interleved

stereo files... so I don't think this device

would be able to read the split stereo files... oh well....



Valkyrie Sound:




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Well... the fact of having a very portable device with skip protection ... makes me wonder it could be an option to take to my gigs instead of taking my computer to trigger my WAV Stereo master files... sounds good. 5 gigas? Great.


They don't specify what kind of WAV files it can handle...



However, I don't like when they say:


CD-quality sound

A high-output (60-mW) amplifier provides CD-quality sound with a wide dynamic range...


If they are talking about MP3... then this is bullshXt ... !!

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I like the fact that it can double as a 5G Firewire drive. Instead of burning eight CD-ROMs, you can drop data into here and take it to another studio, office, anywhere where you have another Firewire Mac waiting.


I'm eager to try out the full bandwidth operation, i.e. not just play MP3's.


That video is INDEED cool - I especially liked the Smashmouth guy!

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iPod has already been hacked so that you have full bidirectional xfer for mp3s, regardless of the computer it is attached to.


Of course, the real reason to own one is the built-in Pong. :D

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Yo Windows Guys

IPod won't be available for Windows

till next year (summer) at the earliest. I just

picked one up yesterday and its great. Now

I start a mix at home in LA platinum and

finish at the studio in PT. The only thing

that concerns me is the size. Things so small,

I'll probably lose it somewhere. real simple to use too

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Originally posted by Tusker:

I gather that neither of these devices (I-pod, Nomad) include A to D convertors for recording live audio. Are there digital microphones or other devices that can work with them to enable this sort of thing?






iPod doubles as a Firewire drive, so you could use a Firewire audio interface (in theory, if the drive isn't too slow). But you'd also need a computer.

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