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POLAR help, please


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While I should be posting this on Roger's Forum, I find that there's more user feedback here, so....

Do any of you use the POLAR window in DP? I use the normal track window 98% of the time and decided since I was doing a guitar bit to try it out in polar. So after three takes, the computer went crazy. Out of memory errors up the wazoo. Not mac errors - DP errors. So, I force quit DP, restarted my G, restarted the 2408 and openned the file again. Well, it was corrupt so I trashed it. Then, I tried openning another DP audio file and all plug ins were disabled. So, frustrating b/c I have never had a low memory problem in DP prior to using polar. I even have a separate ext. set! So, who else has had bad luck with polar and what should I do to avoid this? (I was able to get DP back to normal again after zapping the pram, but things looked dicey for a while...) ~nel



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