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The Fantom Menace( I mean thread!)


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Ok people...Fantom's; who's got one or has played one. What do you like and what don't you? Post and be heard(er make that read).


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Haven't played it yet and I am a die-hard Roland fan, but it looks like a Triton with Roland's attempt at KARMA. I wasn't excited when I heard it was coming out-usually a sign for me that it isn't something groundbreaking (I had the same reaction to the XV-88 and RS-9 as well). I am looking forward to hearing the comments, and when I make it to a music store, I will check it out myself and get back to y'all.

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I will consider trading my XP-80 for it just to get the newer sound engine and easier to use sequencer. What will really interest me is the large window. My big question is will it make patch programming easier? I am looking to program some nice, screaming leads with lots of controller routing. Too bad it is only 64 note poly rather than 128 like the XV-5080. What would really interest me is an 88 note version with the RD-700 keyboard.
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Hello everyone!


Wow, i am soooo excited about this forum on the Fantom!

I got one on the first of this month after having traded in my Korg TritonPRO.


There is nothing I don't like about this instrument (and that's exactly what it is).


I am a musician of intuition and improv. it's really hard to keep my attention, especially if i'm using an electronic instrument. I self-taught on the Chinese "Gu Zheng" or Japanese "KOTO" (asian long floor harp-like sounding zithers), talk about feeding the intuition!


But anyway -- Fantom... (mmmmm) It's truly a one of a kind keyboard/synth -- they really strived and put in the effort to making it unique, because there isn't the glitz or the glam vibe you get when you stand near a Korg or Yamaha.


In terms of effects and polyphonies concern, I used to have one but now -- because I am strictly and exclusively using a PC to master and edit my music, software out there provides for an infinite array of possibilities which i can affort not to EXPECT too much of from the Fantom. The Fantom is powerful and able-bodied as is...


It's all about your creative juices peeps, not how much MORE you can expect to get out of an already really well engineered synth!


Enjoy and cheers,


Vi An

please visit me at:




anytime! :)

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