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Looking for levers.


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Does anyone make a keyboard or controller with levers? I grew fond of these during the days of Arp and Oberheim. You can look at the picture of the Rhodes Chroma in the Favorite Keyboard thread to see what I am talking about. Specifically I want bi-directional self centering levers paired so they are easy to operate using two fingers. Positive and negative axis should be separate cc channels so I can program pitch bend or modulation in one direction and cross fade, filter cutoff, and/or resonance in the other. I currently refuse to buy keyboards with a wheel for pitch bend, I cannot get used to ribbon controllers, and I feel joysticks are a poor substitute. At this time I stick to Roland or Korg for keyboards because I have settled for joysticks. I might even consider an outboard box with levers if it is small enough to fit on my keyboard, and works well.
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