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Yamaha s-30?s-80 question......


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Hey all... After you get through the pianos,organs clav's and other instrument simulation in the Yamaha s synths the question comes to find...... How are these things as a poly synth's as in what musicians used use prophets, moogs, roland juno's stuff like that (I don't expect nord or andromeda stuff of course). So what has anybody come up with in synth dept.

Michael :rolleyes:

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I find my S-80 has a pretty broad and capable range of meaty analog synth sounds. Brasses, pads, bass, leads, etc. You don't have the realtime control you would on a VA, so it's not as inspiring to solo on. The filters on the S-80 sound pretty good too, which helps a lot. I think all of the sounds in this category are perfectly fine for comping.

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I also find the S-80's analog sounds to be very useable although not as easy or inspiring as many of the modeling/real things out there. There is a lot of tweakability so you can generally get the sound you want. If you need even more power you could get the analog plug-in board for full-on analog synthesis.



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