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KEYBOARD MAG really missed on the MOTIF review!!!

ed hamilton

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I am a keyboard subscriber. Love the mag.

I have always thought the reviews were a bit soft compared to Sound on Sound but they were in the ballpark. THis is the reason I also subscibe to Sound on Sound.


But man did keyboard miss with the motif review!!!


While I think motif is an incredible synth with tons of potential it has a few nearly fatel flaws.


1) Worst voice stealing algorithm on the planet.

It only has 62 voices. When 4 elements are used in a patch it is down to 15 voices. fine.

But the voice stealing algorithm rots.

My Kurzweil K250 that is 15 years old and only has 12 note polyphony never choked and sputtered as much as motif does.

Both my Triton and 5080 do way better also.


WHy no voice reserve?? (as in 990,1080,2080, etc etc.)


Major limitation.


2) while the raw wave forms are excellent the user bank patches are poor at best. Certainly not up to par with what this instrument is capable of,

When I asked yamaha for more patches they pointed me to banks labeled S80 and CS6.

DId I just pay a lot of money for a CS6 with a poor sequencer and sampler?


3) sequencer can only loop tracks from bar 1????

are they serious about this one?


4) SCSI load times are the worst in the business.

I am not even talking about converting akai programs (which takes so long its unusable)

But loading native programs and samples in wacked.

Anyone remember their tx?? sampler??

Almost as bad.


5) PLG expansions boards.

You cant use any of the waves on the board WITH the internal rom waves INSIDE A PATCH!!!

every other synth on the market can do this!!!!

While yamaha will boast that each plg is an entire synth ----fine.

Then why cant you FULLY edit plg voices from the front panal?!?!?! THey think that forcing us to use a computer is a FEATURE??


So lets see... edit a patch.... make a layer with a plg board.....boot a computer to edit the board sound........

make a performance.......oops......out of polyphony......

cant even play 6 note chords and use the sustain pedal!!!!


Ok. Ok ... I will load in some samples.....waiting.....waiting........waiting........

cool lets sequence.

Do an intro.....

now verse.....

Ok lets loop the verse.......CANT.....only can loop from BAR 1 !!!


Fine I will copy paste...

Piano track


synth pad

rhodes........oooopss......out of voices......its sputtering...


While some of these things were mentioned in the review I cant believe it deserves a key buy.


This thing is very close to being awesome.

ITs not there yet and it may never get there.


I no will longer give weight to a keybuy logo again.

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I agree about the differences in the magazine (and I speak as someone would bought the first issue of Keyboard when it was Contempary Keyboard). I have recently stumbled on S on s's site and they do have a tendency to tear into the machines a bit more. I still read Keyboard but i am also reading s on s also.


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I checked out the Motif (8) 2 weeks ago. Not that I would ever buy a sample playback machine(except for my Wavestation- I'm a weak snob) but I like to check out the programmability of all synths. How do you access the filter page? The only parameters(env, cutoff and resonance) seemed to get access from the top level display. Can you change filter types? How about filter amount going to the env? Am I missing something here?
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Hey mark,


As much as I am railing on yamaha for motifs significant shortcomings it actually is not too bad to edit on.

(for a yamaha board this is an achievement!)

Its all in there. just not where you think it would be.

oh yeah the manual is a mess. I put the manual away and just started pushing every button. eventually youll find what your after.

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Thanks Ed. I'll be going back to mess with it some more. It took me over a year of trips to the local music store editing the Korg Z1 before I decided I had to have one. That was a well spent year. Like I said before I'm an anti-sample-play back-ite(I blame it on Mom and Dad - you know Steinway parents).
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On page 87 under the heading of Sampling it desribes how you can sample from the inputs while the sequencer is running. Meaning you can add outside instruments (vocals/guitar) while the sequece is running.


Can you do this on Triton as well? I am undecided which keyboard to get of the two and this seems like a good feature. Steve Hornbeak's demo does sound good.

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Meaning you can add outside instruments (vocals/guitar) while the sequece is running.

Can you do this on Triton as well?


The K2600 can do this.


-Mike Martin



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Hi folks, I played last weekend on the MOTIF-8. Sounded very cool, but didn't spend enough time with it. Plan on going back to Guitar Center to lay on the keys some more. I'll see if I can get some help this time. Seems like a nice board, played too much on the KARMA!




Jazzman :cool:

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