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Triton owners?....


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Hey Triton folk: Since the Triton has sampling capability what are you using yours for (or are you using the sampling capability). If you had to do it again would you get the Karma instead?

""Inquiring minds want to know""


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"Hey Triton folk: Since the Triton has sampling capability what are you using yours for"


I'm using it for sampling!!


"If you had to do it again would you get the Karma instead?"


Nope. The Karma is basically a stripped down Triton with the GE functions added. I don't think it's worth the loss of the sampler, touchscreen, ribbon controller, RPPR, and one less program bank. The Karma also has a cheap Fatar keybed instead of the nice Yamaha one that the Triton uses.


If you want more specific Triton vs. Karma info, try asking at the triton forum, www.tapesh.com/triton

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I can't add anything to Chris words - he said it all. Anyway right now I am not using the sampler. I just got mine less than 2 months ago so I have a lot to do before I need the sampler, I think.


And although the sampler is not the most important thing for me, I would never exchange my triton for a karma. Not that I despise it or anything... it's just that it's not what I need. And besides, I couldn't live without the touch screen!! :):):)


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I've had my Triton61 for a year almost, and I only used it to record a belch to amuse my wife. I didn't buy it for the sampler, I just like that it CAN. I don't use much samnpling in my music anyhow... :)



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Well, I chose Karma. I don't need sampling. My Roland XV-5080 will handle any sampling I want with more memory. All I want is a good piano sample. In the future I will move to gigastudio for sampling. The sacrifice I worry about is lack of a digital output.
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I have a 76 key Triton and I just love the daylights out of it. Haven't even tried out the sampler in it yet. I've been too busy making music and tweaking the sounds that are already in it. It's just so darn musical.


Would I rather have a Karma? Not that the Karma doesn't intrigue me, but there's too much tradeoff, which was mentioned by Chris and Blue. And don't even SUGGEST that I give up that touchscreen! Maybe if Korg had designed the Karma to be identical to the Triton, but with the addition of Karma software, that might be cool. If and when Korg or Stephen Kay decides to release an external gadget box that includes the Karma software with its associated controls, I'd probably be interested. But until then, I'll give up my Triton only after they peel my cold, dead fingers off it! :D


Peace all,



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I have sampled the wackiest stuff into my triton and used the sample as a raw wave in patches.

The triton synth engine does an incredible job of making cool sounds out of almost anything I sample into it.


I took a sample off of cookooland, a womans warped scream.

Found a section that held a pitch, looped that part, tuned it, and started swapping it into existing cool patches.


wish it had 128 megs!

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My partner is a z1 nut.

He also has a triton that he bought the moss board for.

His opinion after having them side by side is that the moss board is not the same as a z1 even though thats what korg claims. does not sound as good.


When I mentioned that I was going to buy the board his suggestion was to find a used z1 for a bit more money.

used Z1's on ebay are going for less than $800.

The moss board at sweetwater is $550.


hmm I think I might bid on one.

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I have a Triton ProX 88 and absolutely love it. I have used the sample section to get into the factory drum kits, edit the kit, assign each drum to an individual output in order to process the bass drum, snare, etc. individually through outboard gear . It works great. I am going to be sampling some new sounds into it, hopefully this week, and if it does what I think it will, I'll be pleased. From what I've discovered this machine does already, I have no desire for a Karma.



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