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Midi configeration for cubase vst 5.0


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Originally posted by spinichARF:

why is logic better? arent they basically the same program?



First, I must start by saying that I work for Emagic so you can take my opinion with a grain (or bag) of salt. But I will also say that I was using Logic for 5 years before getting the Emagic gig.


In my previous post I was kind of kidding around, but in my opinion the Mac blows the PC away, especially in terms of overall reliability, and Logic blows away Cubase, especially in terms of feel, flexibility, customizability, overall MIDI, and with the release of 5.0 in January many features that will raise the bar even further, including REX file importing (Cubase can already do this), OMF import/export, and 32bit automation per track. (and more).


Beyond that I'd rather leave it to any other Logic users out there to give you their opinion as an objective, Non-Emagic employed, user.


But my opinion is based on having had both programs for years, on both Mac and PC.




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i got cubase going with my mac pretty easily. "your friend" needs a midi interface (mine's a midisport 2x2 usb, cheap), your pc might want a pci


you also may want to record the audio of the synth into cubase and mess with it (vst plugins), another interface (or a combo midi/audio)



this forum (and craig's) have a lot of past posts that will answer any questions.


all logic fans seem to really like logic (the way lakers fans like the lakers ;) ). i demo'd an earlier version, and it seems good. logic, cubase, performer, and protools are all about the same price, and they all are digital recorders/midi sequencers. there are many DAW comparisons online,


but i'd say cubase is a good choice.

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