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Triton sending Bank Messages


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The transmit and receive settings use the same controls, so you can't set them separately. MIDI program and bank changes will be transmitted out of the MIDI Out connector, but not the MIDI Thru. Switching to the MIDI Thru may solve this problem, but may open up new ones, i.e. I don't recall whether you can send SysEx messages over the MIDI Thru.


Perhaps you can describe your setup and give more details about the problems that you're experiencing.

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Originally posted by JonnyClueless:

Anyone know if there is a way to set the Triton (rack) to receive program bank changes, but not transmit them?


I am not infront of my Triton Rack, and might not be 100% correct, but if you are in Multi-mode, you can set each of the 16 tracks to receive, transmit or do both for midi PC msgs. If you set the track to INT, any program changes will only be reflected to the unit, and not sent out. EXT will null the internal track and only send info to other midi moudles attached to the Triton. BOTH does just that-changes affect both the INT and EXT. I think it is similar in Program and Combi mode as well.

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