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SCSI, USB, or Firewire?


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I'm considering buy CD-RW drive for my PC.

I think if I should spend money, I'd better do so efficiently.

I mean, if I buy sampler in the future, I will need CD-Rom or Hard drive for it.

So, I think I can use CD-RW drive both for my PC and future sampler if I buy right CD-RW.

I heard that samplers use SCSI interface so I can't use IED(?) drives for sampler.

Hense, I am going to buy internal SCSI CD-RW, external kit(for transforming int. CD-RW to ext. one), and SCSI to USB adapter (since I don't have SCSI interface in my PC).

Am I doing right?

Could you tell me if samplers will use new interface other than SCSI (I heard that firewire and USB2 can replace SCSI) so I can make a right choice for CD-RW?

Also, could you tell me which SCSI version should I buy if only SCSI will rule sampler interface forever?

Thank you.

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IDE is only for two internal drives. The cables cannot be very long.


USB runs at a very slow speed. USB2 should be much faster but it is not widely available yet.


SCSI allows connecting several devices in a chain. You can also have a chain that includes a computer, drives, and a sampler. You need to make sure that each device has its own ID number on the chain. Each device should have some switch to set this. And you need to properly add terminators at each end of the chain. Some devices have built in terminators you can switch on, others don't meaning an extra terminator plug to plug into the last device. (Without the terminator the chain will not work reliably.)


Because USB is so much slower than SCSI it makes no sense to run a SCSI to USB adapter. If you wanted a SCSI CD for your PC, then you should get a SCSI adapter for your PC and not go through USB.


Your sampler in the future may already contain a CD ROM drive. If that is the case then you do not need to set up your computer's CD ROM drive externally to share it with the sampler. So just buy what you need for the computer now and don't worry about what the sampler might need until you actually get one. My suggestion is to get an IDE internal CD for your PC right now. Laster on when you have the sampler you can figure out what CD it might need, in case it doesn't come with one.


FireWire is as fast as SCSI and much more convenient to use. Macs come with it but it is not widely popular yet for PC's or samplers.


Instead of buying a sampler, why not get GigaSampler for your PC?



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