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Roland Xp 30

Dr Teeth

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here's roland's:



i own an xp-50 which is just before it (i think). it's great - powerful sequencer, some really good sounds and effects, good sound editability. the xp-30 has an arpeggiator plus more sounds and some more sliders than the 50. mine does me good so i'm sure the 30 would do you better.

hope this helps.

be good all.

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I play one in a live context and I have an xp50 in the home studio.


I think it is especially good for live applications, barring the fact that it has no sequencer. A huge truck load of sounds (three expansion boards included) from the JV/XP series of synths are included. Very light and easy to transport. Easy to do multi-timbral switching of sounds. The sounds... well I think that the Yamaha (S80) Korg and new Roland products provide more three dimensionality in sound (I can hear the 'compression' in the XP's samples), and I think some of the XP's sounds have been over-used, so it may be harder to sound distinctive. If you can live with that, you have the advantage of being able to get a large number of sounds from the web.


In a midi studio, I would worry about the limitations (it only has stereo outs). If you were tracking to audio, that may not matter, as you can do one sound at a time.


I think it is excellent vfm.



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I bought my xp-30 primarily as a midi controller to trigger the Symphonic String patches in my stunning RD-700 piano. (I'm an organist--I like having two manuals.) So initially I wasn't concerned about the sounds. But they're good and I'm looking forward to actually trying them out in my studio. The thing I noticed, though, is that the effects processor in the XP-30 has a rather murky quality that clouds otherwise nice samples. I want to try using them raw and adding my own fx. I wonder if Roland was able to shave down the price by putting a less-than-stellar effects section on it. But the sound library--good god, if you couldn't find someting to use on a track, you're not trying hard enough. It's a great addition to your synth collection. It wouldn't, however, be my choice for my only synth. I paid $899 for mine. Good luck.


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I can only say for my XP-80, but I think it's as well relavant.


For a product family that is almost 4 yrs old, the XPs are worth every dollar. I like the keys and sounds very much (the Symphony patch that has timpani at the left hand at heavy velocity is thrilling!), as well its expandability.


In my mind, the XP-30 is built for studio (the TO HOST jack) and the XP-80 is for live occasions (I program drum with the RPS for our jazz band--one without bassist or drummer!!)


I'm not sure whether the 30 has the same 'semi-weighted' keys that the 80 has, if yes that would be a plus.



tell me if I'm wrong


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