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Bank Changed to XV-5080 From Logic


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Hello, I recently purchased Logic Audio Platnum and a Roland XV-5080. One problem I am having is that I cannot seem to send Program Control bank changes for Banks higher than Bank D. It seems to skip right to the expansion boards. I imagine I have to send some custom control changes, which is going to mean having to dig through the manuals for a while. Has anyone been through this that can maybe spare me the drawnout process of searching. Or possibly just some insite on how to get around this? Thanks for any help!



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Just posting an answer to my own quesation in case someone is searching the archives.


The XV must be selected in the enviornment and then "edit custom bank changes". THe XV-5080 needs multple controllers sent for bank changes. one from Controller 0 (MSB), then COntroller 32 (LSB). THe values will depend on the banks you want to select and the mode (Patch, perform, rythm, GM2).

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