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PC2X Vs. RD-700 - bad action?


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I know this has been triggered by AL500's questions about the kurzweil PC2x vs yamaha s-80, but i am in the same situation but involving an rd-700 instead of the yammy.


i am still keen on the pc2x because it sounds warmer than the roland. roland's drawbar sim is ok, but still sounds very 'synthy'. but quite a few of you guys have mentioned the pc2x's/other kurzweil's action breaks easily. how many others out there have had the same problem, or if you are a pc2x owner, have you NOT had any trouble with the action? if there are major flaws then it's not gonna do me any good because i will be carting it here and there all the time. i just need a 88 key weighted board with a really good drawbar organ simulator and some good piano sounds.

anyone got any suggestions? comments would be appreciated.

any of you forum guys live in brisbane??

thanks peoples.

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I have a kurz pc88mx, which was notorious for action problems. I never had any major problems, but I never gigged with it. A lot of the early pc2x had action problems because they got damaged during shipping. Kurzweil acknowledged the problem and changed the packing. However, their history is not really good on this issue. Yamaha's synth action at least have been very durable over the years, don't know about the rolands.

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Kurzweil PC2x vs. S80 ?

Yamaha s80 is selling for around $1399.99

The Kurzweil PC2r rack is selling for around $850.00

You could have the best of both worlds ! S80 (w) pc2r

If it comes down to one or the other ...I would go with Yamaha S80 .

Yamaha in my opinion has better quality control and is more reliable .

The action is heavier on the S80! The one thing I don't like with the S80 are the end caps . The S80 has a rosewood type fiber board end cap . You must be very careful when handling ! dano

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