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Best module for "pads"

michael c

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I agree with Jerry, both of those excel in that area. Personally, I also like the pads in the Korg Wavestation. I recently picked up a wavestation SR for $300, worth the money, IMHO.

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Originally posted by pim@dancewave.nl:

What's a dial up pad?


I think that means preset, as in it's there and you can just dial it up.


Hey Jerry the K5000 is a Fourier synth isn't it? Can you post a link to some sounds? Because of Charlie Midnight's thread I've been looking into Fourier/Resynthesis and the only things along those lines I can pinpoint in my memory is '80s Ultravox and Jarre, both of whom used a very simplified (but cool sounding) form if I'm not mistaken.



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I think you'll be shocked at tht quality of the pads in the Nanosynth....


I know it wouldnt make it as your main instrument, but for me the more I explore the more I end up coming back to my Nano for Pads. For around $200 of less you'd be surprized!

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Originally posted by g05:

how much difference is there between the wavestation and the wavestation SR as far as presets go?


The SR has more of 'em. Both the keyboard and rackmount A/D version of the Wavestation have 150 programs (IIRC), where the SR has 550. I believe that all of the Wavestation's programs are in the SR.


The tradeoff is that the SR has a much smaller display, and is significantly harder to edit.





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