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best jimmy smith album?


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"Incredible" is a killer album. As far as Jimmy's best album...that's a hard one to pin down. He's done a lot of great records...though I'm partial to the old Blue Note trio/quartet stuff. Prayer Meeting, House Party/Plain Talk....


Re the tone on When You're Smiling: this is the technique Smith calls the "Errol Garner Sound" and Joey calls "Squabbling" - the setting for this varies, usually 80 0000 888 or 80 0008 888, with some players only having the first bar and last two bars out...depending on how "thick" you want the squabbling sound to be. Play block chords and wiggle your hand similarly to the "tremolo" technique of playing piano.




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best j smith record is a double album set called walk on the wild side - best of the verve years. he started recording

with verve in 1962 after his first few records with blue note.

this double contains some of the champs best work with oliver nelson, george benson, lalo schifrin, kenny burrell, and the great wes motgomery. includes a classic recording of gillespies

THE CHAMP also check the larry young/ grant green/ elvin jones

bobby hutcherson record street of dreams for a completely

different hammond vibe

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You peeked my interest. I logged onto Amazon and ordered Jimmy Smiths Incredible and Walk on the Wild Side. Also grabbed some trance albums by Electric Skychurch and Rinôçerôse. Then grabbed a couple of compilation CD of both organ jazz and trance. When it all comes in I should be in a very happy but mixed up listener.
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Originally posted by Dogfur:

I've really enjoyed the albums he did with Wes Montgomery ( can't think of the names )

More recent I liked "Damn", if not for the title!


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"Papa's got a brand new bag" is a killer track off that CD.


As for Joey D - I have a CD with him and his dad deuling on the B3. "Slammin' at Slim's" is just B3 city man!


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