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any suggestions for a new rack?


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o.k. here's the situation. i've got enough rack goodies to fill about 40 spaces, but i'm new to the market of buying actual racks for my modules. i'm interested in the racks that i see the "pro's" use when i go to shows. you know the nice ones where the fronts and the backs have covers that can come off. how much do those cost? what works for you with your set-ups?



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most racks have front & back covers. i found some good ones (anvil, anvil copy) used at a pro sound shop.


i'm going to build my next studio rack. if you're talking 40 spaces, i'd assume you're not dragging that much stuff around for live gigs. i searched google and got some good ideas. mine will be 2x4 frame with nice wood (poss. salvage) sides & top, slanted front. i've estimated $40 parts, $7 beer, 1 afternoon labor.

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