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Hammond X5 in good shape

Dan O

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I'm not sure which model this is, but I believe it's a 2 manual portable. As an example B-3's start at $1500. Is there a Leslie & is it transistorized? B-3's without a Leslie are not as marketable as the ones with. Also transistorized Leslie's are not wanted at all. I'm sorry I'm not much help. Maybe B-3Nut might know something.




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The X-5 is a 2 manual portable organ, but it isn't a tonewheel Hammond (transistor based I believe). As such I think the value is much lower. The sound is pretty good, but not quite a B3. Typically the Leslie used with this organ is solid state (11-pin models), again not as desirable as the the tube Leslies.


If it's in really good shape I'm guessing it's probably worth $300-500. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

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The Hammond X-5 was made to be a portable spinet for professional use.It usually came with a Leslie 760, or 770 Speaker.The Organ itself was Japanese made, but unfortunately also used American plug-in circuit boards.This meant that, unlike most Japanese organs it was subject to bad connections. In addition the case and stand were not very durable, so in cases of heavy use, these usually came apart.

I do not agree with the assesment that the transistorized Leslie was not as good as tube types. The 760 Leslie had the same features and dimensions as the 122 tube type with the addition of a stop speed, and 90 watts of power instead of the measly 45 of the tube type.

My wife bought this set up when she wanted portable equipment. We did a "Christmas in July" concert in an open field in a campground, and we had plenty of power and sound.

As for the value of the X-5...I wouldn't have one today for free, but you should be able to get one for $100-$200.

As for the Leslie 760......It is my favorite and if you can grab one up for around $500, take it.

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