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I would like to drop a line and say hello to everybody and introduce myself. My name is Rick and I can't tell you how excited I am to find a forum comprised of keyboard players! Having read some of the subjects and responses, I must say I'm impressed with the knowledge that all of you have. I am a keyboardist who has been playing for about 40 years.(started lessions at age 6) Have played both professionally and part-time. I first became involved with the band sceen working with a large PA company doing monitor and house mixes for large concerts. I then started playing in bands(which also put me through school),stopped while raising a family, and started again about 3 years ago. I have owned B-3s, Fender Rhodes, various arps and moogs(should kick myself for not hanging on to them). My current setup is an Ensonic KS-32, Oberheim OB-3/2 organ, Alesis nanosynth with midi controller and a Motion sound KBR-3D speaker. I must say that I am glad to see the latest digital keyboards having real time control like the old analogs. It seems things have come full circle, only better! (after lugging a B-3 and leslie around for years, I don't want to go back). I am looking foward to learning from all of you (especially on digital programming and recording with a keyboard). So.... my first question is that I am wanting to add a new keyboard with higher quality sounds(am selling the nanosynth and controller). I have narrowed it down to a Roland RS-5 and the Yamaha S03. They both sound great, each with it's pros and cons. I am leaning toward the Yamaha due to it's price advantage($200 less). The new keyboard will be midied into my Ensonic(76 note weighted action). Has anyone had any experience with these keyboards? Thanks!!!

Kurzweil PC3, Hammond SK-1 + Ventilator, Korg Triton. 2 JBL Eon 510's.


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Hello NEW Guy ,

Do you like knobs ? Real time control ? the Rs5 is cool .

If you want good overall sound for under $500.00 than the S03 is perfect !

Yamaha also provides sequencing software with the S03 as well . Nice keyboard for the buck ! dano

PS...Yamaha also makes the S30 as well . A little nicer synth !

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What male musician DOESN'T like knobs?????????


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