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Sequencer (Cubasis) help...


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Hey, all:

I tried to do the first takes today for the Cover Compilation CD, and I'm running into some weird stuff that I hope you can help me with. I'm not a sequencer guy, so I thought I'd ask for help from those of you who are. Let me set this up for you:


I'm trying to use Cubasis as I would a tape recorder. I'm trying to record a piano part. I'm using a Yamaha KX 88 as the master controller. Everything feeds into a Digital Music MX-8 MIDI patch bay. I have the KX controlling the synth so I can hear what I'm playing, and it's also (both through the MX-8, but out different MIDI Out ports) sending the data to Cubasis.


So far, so good. I press record, and play the part. When I go back and listen to it, the timing is WAY off. Notes are happening all over the place, ie: A bass whole note (1 per measure) might play 2 measures late, and then the next one happen immediately, rather than at the beginning of the next measure. I have turned quantizing off, and "Snap to Bar" off, too. Additionally, bass notes are playing back 1 octave below where I am playing them. Any ideas what might be causing this? If you need more info, just let me know. Thanks.

Setup: Korg Kronos 61, Roland XV-88, Korg Triton-Rack, Motif-Rack, Korg N1r, Alesis QSR, Roland M-GS64 Yamaha KX-88, KX76, Roland Super-JX, E-Mu Longboard 61, Kawai K1II, Kawai K4.
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Hey Joe - Sounds like you may have some major latency problem. This sounds really weird. I would try disconnecting everything and just hooking up the qs7 directly to the sound card. Set it to OUT 1, send the sequencer to receive on channel 1 in a track, and try doing some recording. If you still have problems, there's something wrong with the computer or soundcard. If not, your problem is elsewhere.


I'm not too familiar with settings in cubase, cakewalk is more picky about audio but midi usually works without a glitch. I remember cubase had a lot more things to set up than cakewalk. I would check if there are newer drivers for your soundcard too.


I had a problem with the 1st soundcard that I started with that it would trigger really low notes randomly (you would get this random notes several measures in length through the whole song). The only solution was to throw away the damn thing. http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/smile.gif

Korg Kronos X73 / ARP Odyssey / Motif ES Rack / Roland D-05 / JP-08 / SE-05 / Jupiter Xm / Novation Mininova / NL2X / Waldorf Pulse II


American Deluxe P-Bass, Yamaha RBX760

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