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How did you guys "assemble" your SKB case?

Rod S

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OK, I just got a case for an SKB case for my cs6x. Dimension wise, it fit perfectly after I removed some of the 'puzzle' pieces.


Now, heightwise: What are you supposed to do with the foam pieces? Just glue them to the top? What did you guys do? I know this is a stupid question, I'm just wondering if people had some kind of smart insight on this...

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Before I removed the paper backing the adhesive, I used some double-sided tape to make sure I had a firm, but not crushing fit. I have two of these cases, and I ended up cutting some of the foam rectables in half to accomodate the key part of the keyboard. One of my kbds is a CS1x, so I also played around with it so that I wouldn't hurt the knobs.
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