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plg150-PF card


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Hi all...


I want some opinions about the plg150-pf card for yamaha stuff. I have the sw1000xg and I'm thinking of getting a plugstation (to allow multiple plg cards). I already have the Analog (prophet 5) card and the vocal harmony card. I was looking at getting the piano card as well.


I'd like to get a better real piano, which I'm sure it has, as the sw1000xg ones are "just passable" for background stuff and I've heard on the "piano shootout" over at www.purgatorycreek.com the acoustic. Good enough for me.


The question is: How are the electrics? Do they sound good? I'm pretty sure there would be some good DX approximations, as even the sw1000xg has some of those, but what about others?


Specifically, how are the Rhodes and Wurli pianos? Those are the ones I want the most...


Remember - I'm a drummer who is using some keys, so I don't need "the real thing"...it does not need to be perfect, but believable would be good, I don't want to use a software sampler/synth due to resources and such, and I DO have a pretty good ear for what's good and what isn't. I can tell the difference (for example) between Vdrums and the real thing, though I LOVE my vdrums anyway - especially for the recording simplicity and low stage volume.


Any opinions on this card?

Thanks in advance.


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I'm pretty sure there's a review of the card at www.yamahas80.com


I also just ordered the card. I'm loading up my cs6x so I can use it as

my main keyboard if need be. My main acoustic piano sounds right now are the presets in the pc88mx and a qsr, but I want to be able to take my cs6x to gigs and have all the sounds I need.


I'm hoping to get it by end of next week. I'll try to remember to post my impressions when I get it.


I also looked at the plugstation, wasn't too impressed given the price. I think it was something in the order of $550, waaay too much. For the money you would get the plugstation, the dx, an, vl, plus the card to give you individual outputs, you can almost get a DX200, a AN200 and a VL7 module.

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