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Newbie synth questions


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hi all have a project studio,mostly record live indie rock type stuff-(guitar oriented)and lately have been wanting to dabble with some new sounds.I have a Low end Casio "synth" with Gm sounds but i think i want to try some of the soft synths.I can play a liitle keyboards but know next to nothing about computer recording/soft synths.The Propellerhead Reason package looks like it would be nice fit...Can i use my casio keyboard as controller(it has midi in/out)? How does Reason stack up? I should add im mainly interested in analogish/pseudo retro sounds and ambient type stuff

any other ideas/thoughts( i want to keep budget ~500$)


Smell the Magic


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You can certainly use any midi capable keyboard to play the sounds.


I understand that there are some parameters that could be assigned if you opt to buy a controller equiped with knobs.


However, you could always use your mouse to tweak these things.


Hope this helps.

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