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Seiko DS-250 parts/accessories?


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I had (have - my younger brother has my...) DS-202, DS-310 and DS-320, (and won't give it back, damn him! http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/smile.gif ) and I really miss the damn thing. Unfortunately, the power connector uses a proprietary 4-prong DIN plug and transformer, so you might be S.O.L. unless Seiko can supply a new one. Have you tried contacting them? (Actually, the transformer is standard 9-volt. It's the connector that's proprietary.)


The sustain pedal can be any that's currently available, as long as it's positive polarity. The 250 cannot sense the polarity of the pedal and change accordingly, and a negative will act in reverse, i.e.: It will sustain when your foot is NOT on it, and will cut off when it is.


Does yours have the DS-310 synth module? It's amazing. Like a baby Synclavier. It's noisy as hell, but you can do so much with it...



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