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Asking for info on old Yamaha Disklavier piano


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I'm wondering if anyone can help me regarding this Yamaha G3 grand piano with a Disklavier unit attached. The unit is the big one, the size of a small combo guitar amp, with wheels. Is this the Wagon brand? I have no idea since my sister-in-law bought this second hand and everything on the unit is in Japanese. The store had no manuals but are currently trying to locate one and said they will fax it, but I would be tremendously grateful for any help I can get here.


The "amp" has midi in and out, and I see one of the buttons with a red dot so I'm assuming it could also record, and most likely play midi files which I'll try as as soon as I can. I'll have another talk with the store tomorrow because the soft pedal doesn't work, or it might even be always on since the overall sound is unusually mellow. I'm assuming the pedals are also operated and hooked up to the wheeled unit?

Anyway, not a whole lot of info in the web on these older models, but thought I'd give it a shot with you guys and gals. Thanks!



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Serge - I used to tour for Yamaha on the Disklavier and have never heard of this model - afraid it's before my time.


Have you contacted Yamaha in Buena Park? They might have some information on this model. One thing that I will tell you is that if it sounds as if the soft pedal is constantly engaged, that is a very real possibility. I recently had an experience where the piano movers moved a Steinway and installed the pedals incorrectly so that the soft pedal wouldn't disengage and had the unpleasant experience of playing on a "muted piano." This was fixed with an experienced piano tuner. I don't know where you're located, but if you're here in LA, I can refer an excellent tuner/technician who specializes in Yamaha pianos and Disklaviers.


Good luck!


Laurie Z.



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