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After Alesis


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Hello all: I had originally thought about getting the 88 key version of

Alesis Qs synth. But with Alesis's somewhat shaky state I am thinking it would be better to avoid it. But I love the way it sounds. So; anyone?

Yamaha S-80 perhaps? What about the XV Roland with 88 keys. I already know about the Triton the 88 key version is a little out of the price range. I do need/want those weighted keys.

So anyone who owns/plays one of the above your thoughts please. Also any recordings made with these one might here. There is only so much you can tell in a store.

Gracias/Danke/Thanks, tenthplanet

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Hi Tenthplanet, I own a QS6, I love it and produced many songs on it of my own work, I would like to get the QS6.1 or 7.1. I'm looking forward to get the new Karma, really sweet. I have a thread on the Karma keyboard, review that thread for some additional infomation. http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/smile.gif


My 2 cents worth......and good luck.


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Let me ask you something: If there were a Prophet-5 or -10 for a great price, or an Oberheim that really *absolutely* fit your needs, would you go for it? Alesis is still a viable company, and their stuff still readily available. If you like the QS 8.1, then I say go for it. Their financial state does not detract from the sound of their synths, and I feel more secure as an owner of an Alesis QS7 now that they've been bought out by the new owner than had they been left to flounder.


That said, the new Yamaha S80 *IS* a wonderful keyboard, so trust your ears, not financial predictions. If you like the S80 better, get IT, but don't sacrifice the QS8.1 because you're worried about the state of Alesis. Get the synth you think sounds best.



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