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Soundcraft Spirit M12 Mixer - Is it a buy or something else is better?

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I am currently searching for a new mixer, probably a high quality analog, and the Spirit M12 seems to fit the bill. With 12 good mic pres, 4 stereo channels, and a SPDIF out, it seems like a good board for the $700 street price. I did a search through the forums and didn't find much for or against the M12, just some small comments from a few posters. Now the question is - is it good buy, or is there something else to look at before I decide to pick one up? I was thinking that since the lower-end digital boards are a lot less expensive today, maybe I should look at those also.I have the new MF catalog and it had the Yamaha 01V for $1,400 and the Behringer DDX3216 for $1,300. I know the mic pres on the digital boards are not as clean as the M12, but they are a lot more versatile (ADAT, Wordclock, MIDI, automation...) - if you need it. FYI, I am a electronic music guy and use mostly external synths, FX boxes, Cubase 5.1, Delta 1010, and misc software. I will definitely need at least 16 channels, and will mostly use the mixer for tracking and possibly bouncing to audio (via SPDIF), not to mention using the board for the mic pres. Any suggestions?

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