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Phil Keaggy Concert Review... BEYOND HUMAN!

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He is just plain unbelievable... Total master, and humble, and fun, and animated despite having to sit the entire performance due to extreme back pain for which he never complained or even announced... If you didn't know going in, you never would have known what kind of pain he was in. When he got up for intermision, I recognized the walk and the posture. I have been through it many times... The man is the consummate professional. The promoter took a copy of our Circle of Friends CD (I got one for him as a gift) to him as he had to lie flat on his back getting treatment so he wasn't able to meet and greet anybody except for 2 people who won a backstage pass to meet him from a drawing. Anyway, Phil accepted my gift and signed a copy of one of my CDs of his before the performance! He is just so much fun during a performance... Amazing and in all that pain! 2 hours and 15 minutes of bliss! I will never again miss one of his concerts in the area! The other astonishing thing about him was the quality of his voice. He could call a McCartney tone or a Paul Simon voice or the smoothness of Art Garfunkel seemingly at will as the song required. Very impressive! He layers voices and sounds, guitar, voice, percussion, in the most seamless of looping techniques. very inventive sounds! It is like listening to a 10 piece band all of the same ability of Phil because it IS Phil! He doesn't cheat by pre-recording anything. He creates the loops in real time and you NEVER hear it happen. If you miss one of his concerts, you are truly missing something special... He is Bobbie McFerrin with Props! He even adds horn sounds with his mouth and sings into his internal guitar mic for different effects... You will hear and see things that you just won't believe you are seeing or hearing even though it is right there in front of you! The Elim Gospel Church in Lima, NY just south of Rochester, NY where he performed has a performing arts center that is major league impressive! It is HUGE! Sound was the best I have experienced at a concert on a level with the Pat Metheney Concert at the Auditorium Theater I went to last February. I think if I had to choose between going to a Metheney concert or a Keaggy concert, I would have to choose Phil... He is that good... all by himself! There you have it! Boggs
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I used to play in a band that used to try and do a Phil Keaggy instrumental.I dont know the name of the song or the recording it came off.But I do know it had the some of the best/cleverest/most tasteful guitar work I've ever heard anywhere.
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