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Turn On The TV


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Originally posted by SteveRB:

They are interrupting football for war coverage. Couldn't they have started the war on Tuesday ? Our countries priorities are all out of whack. http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/rolleyes.gif


Jeez... I was going around the various forums looking for postings that might help put my mind at ease, as they did after the 11th.


No such luck.


You should be ashamed of yourself.



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Originally posted in SSS by pokeefe777@msn.com:

"Hello everyone...


As you have obviously heard by now, we have started active attacks in Afghanistan with cruise missiles, heavy bombers and attack aircraft. The British are also actively participating in this attack.


I stayed up all night last night because I had a pretty good idea that the attack was coming (no "insider information", but the conditions - weather, phase of the moon, pre-Ramadan, UAV recon overflights, etc. all pointed to it). Sure enough, at 0400 this morning, the first reports started coming in over Fox, MSNBC and CNN news.


I humbly ask for your prayers and well wishes for the following:


Safety for our servicepersons in theater. Not only our aircrews, but also the Spec Ops troops and any regular troops on the ground. Including our British cousins in the SAS, RAF and RN.


Safety for the innocent citizens of Afghanistan. Not everyone in this impoverished, war torn country is a terrorist, and I hope and pray that as few of them will be killed or injured as possible. I'm sure our leaders are making every effort possible to see that these people are helped rather than hurt. That's one reason why we're spending hundreds of millions in dropping modified MRE food packages for them.


Safety and diligence here on the homefront. As a free and open society, we are fairly exposed to retaliatory strikes by terrorists. Unfortunately, I can think of hundreds of ways that they could hit back at us, and NO, I'm not sharing them with anyone (unlike some of the idiots on the news). But I am praying for wisdom on the part of our local officials in their efforts to thwart such attempts, and steadfast resolve on the part of our citizens. No matter what attacks may come, we must remain calm. We must not panic or break. In this, we can learn much from the resolve shown by our British cousins during the Blitz of London in 1940. Try as Hitler did to break the resolve and morale of the Londoners, he could not. And try as the terrorist might, and surely will, we must not. We must band together in unity and support our efforts, not for the sake of "revenge", but rather, in an effort to proactively act to protect ourselves from further acts of terrorism.


Wisdom for our National leaders.


Finally, I want to wish our servicepersons "good luck, and good hunting".


Maj. Phil O'Keefe USMCR (Ret)"


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Phil's post sums it up for me. That's why I wanted to share it with you here at The Keyboard Corner

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That's a good idea-this is going to go on for a long time, so I'd reccomend you to get used to it as best you can. I don't think these first couple of airstrikes should come as much of a surprise, anyway. This war has been going on long before this happened with special forces.
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