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Hi! What's your favorite keyboard or sample for reproducing that famed funky sound? I'm in a funky blues band and find myself needing something better than what I get out of my Alesis QX7 or Kurzweil K2000. Buying a real Clavinet is out of the question,besides I played thru the '70's and find most of the real clav's are at least partially funked to death. Got A favorite? Let me know.Thanks!



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I second my namesake on the Motif... the sounds are warmer and seem to have more "meat" than the ones in my S-80, which are certainly good in a live situation.


Don't forget that the K-2000 can load and play back samples. If you can find some 30-pin SIMMs (check computer repair shops that service older Macs) and beef up the sample RAM to 32 or 64 MB, it's well worth it. Plenty of high-megabyte vintage keyboard samples on the market.

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i have both a clavinet D6 and a clavinet C and have used both live and in the studio for years. if i can't take the real thing the best clavinet sound BY FAR is the 32meg sample on the roland "keys of the 60s and 70s" cd. be aware that these sounds are FAR superior to the 60s & 70s expansion card for the jv series.


but theres nothing like the real thing........

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Do you have the Contemporary ROM expansion in your K2000? That has a great clav!


There are also some CD-ROMs for your K2000 that have great clav samples. Off the top of my head...


Sounds of the 70s

Real Rhodes (also has clavs and wurli's)


Don't forget the Kurzweil website either....




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