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Analog Sweetness...


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I am into producing mainly hip-hop/R&B and I am trying to decide on the perfect synth to add to my set-up that will give me some good bass. I am torn between the Waldorf Micro-Q, Korg MS2000, Novation Super Bass Station, Yamaha AN200, and the Electribe AN200. I've heard good things about all of these synths but can someone give me some input on which one will give me the best, and most numerous bass sounds? Or recommend some other synths that I left out...

(maybe software synths? Are there any new analog synths from Roland?)



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The only problems you'll have nowadays are:


1) narrowing down the options




2) fixing your price range . . .


as far as 'real analogue' goes


You may wish to check out the JoMox bass systems -- one has a sequencer, the other doesn't -- www.jomox.de (I think)


and Akai's analog synth (built for use with their wind controller, but very versatile -- and programmable) which is probably going to be the least expensive real analogue option



I'm trying to remember which synth has 4 VCOs . . . that must be REALLY thick . . . with the SunSyn, you can use 2 analogue VCOs and mix them with 2 'digital' RCOs . . .

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A couple of observations - The Korg Electribe EA1 and the MS2000 are somewhat redundant - if I had to keep one in the running, it would be the MS2000 (for playability and versatility).


The Novation Bass Station is no longer in production, but they have a new product, the A-Station, which looks very promising.


Have you already ruled out the Roland JP-8000 or JP-8080?


Have you determined whether it needs to be polyphonic, or whether it could be monophonic?


What's your ideal price range?


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i agree with felix - more info would help regarding what you need would help.


but judging from what you've listed, it looks like price should be under 700 bucks.


i'd say either get a juno 106, or if you only need monophonic, then maybe a novation super bass station. either one, second hand, should be around 350 - 400 dollars and they will both give good analog sweetness. personally, i'd get the juno 106 as it will give you more options, but the sbs sounds great too and is more compact (1U rack mount).


best of luck and please post what you end up with.





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I'm so glad to hear someone say "analog sweetness" rather than the cliche "analog warmth"!


Because you can make icy-cold bone-hard sounds with analog and what they have in common with the "warm" sounds is that sweetness.



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