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Nothing except a real piano...


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Agreed. Yet much music calls for a grand piano, or something that sounds as close as possible to it - but that music must be played in a setting which cannot possibly contain a grand piano (try bringing your 6' grand to a local bar LOL). So we might as well have as good a piano sound in our electronic keys as possible!


The guitar example is something of a red herring - there is no instrument more portable than a guitar (except perhaps a clarinet) so there's almost no valid reason not to have one along, and little purpose served in having its sound in your keyboard. JMO of course. PEACE


Originally posted by popmusic:

But using something fake to imitate the real thing, or something real to imitate something fake... It can be done, but to my ears the best results come from when you use instruments for their strengths, not their weaknesses.

I used to think I was Libertarian. Until I saw their platform; now I know I'm no more Libertarian than I am RepubliCrat or neoCON or Liberal or Socialist.


This ain't no track meet; this is football.

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