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Roland Vocal card ...

Dan O

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I have always liked the Roland vocal sounds such as the "scat , jazz " sounds . Has anyone really used these sounds in a recording ? Or heard a recording and recognized this sound ? Just curios ? dano
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Originally posted by neil loughran:

Interesting, I heard the music from one of those late night erotic films and the music had some gorgeous jazz vocals in a similar style to the scat voices I've heard from Roland keys


I'd love to get a CDROM of jazz voices.. anyone know of any?






I use the Kurzweil Take 6 library, which is amazing for scat vocals. It's usually available on a very popular online auction site at a fraction of the list price, but beware of license issues with a second-hand purchase. The only limitation is that it's a Kurzweil proprietary CD-ROM. Spectrasonics' Vocal Planet is supposed to be fantastic. It's expensive ($400), but there's more than just jazz vocals on it. I think it comes from the same source material as the Roland vocal samples.

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