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How to Use Risk Analysis -article

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I just rec'd the latest email article "How to Use Risk Analysis to Plan Your Music Career" There are several critical risk factors that I can add. When drafting your business plan, consider the following factors while calculating your expenses. Some of these items are taken for granted while in the employment of others; but nonetheless are a part of your salary and benefits package. Health Insurance Premiums Vacation & Holiday Pay IRA'S & 401K plans (do you have plans for retirement) Travel and lodging expenses Equipment upgrades and maintnance expense Count travel and set-up time as hours worked unless you are paying roadies; then in the event you are paying roadies, plan their salaries into your budget. Allow in your budget the room to hire a professional accountant; as they can often times save you as much if not more money than what the charge. Write off new equipment, upgrades, travel expenses, membership dues, and etc. while staying in check with Uncle Sam and adequate tax reportings to IRS. I can add more, but time limits me. Great topic from the folks at MPN!

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