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i've a technical problem with my new computer (windows 2000 installed): when i run cubasis audio, i've got the message "no awe32 or awe64 detected. The program does not exist. please check....".

and when i try to installed awe64, i've got the message "invalid MIDI driver (SBAWE32.DRV). awe manager has problem trying to acquire midi DRIVER. CHECK IF the correct driver is installed.

What the way to chnge midi driver, download from where ? Thanks for answers.

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I'm going to assume you recently upgraded from 95/98/Me. That's why the driver won't work. 2000 uses a completely different driver.


I would go into Control Panel->System->Device Manager. Find your sound card and remove it. Then click refresh. 2000 should auto-detect that card, and then install the proper drivers for it. You might need your 2000 CD handy if you don't have the CAB files on your HD.


Bofore you do that, though, you might want to go to Creative Labs' website and download the Windows 2000 awe64 driver just to be safe, in case it's NOT on the Win2k CD.

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