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So how do you like the Motif?


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Well, I've played in the store at length on three separate occasions, done it through a stereo amp and headphones, and I think it's a killer board. As a ROMpler, many of it's sounds are exquisite. That's it sonic character: Very clear and crisp and detailed sounds, perhaps lacking somewhat in "body" and "warmth." For this reason, I think it will play beautifully with my QS 8, the sounds of which are a bit coarser than the Motif, but very full. Great feature on the Motif is the ability to kill all effects with one button push. Perhaps more of a marketing feature than a functional one, but it really lets you appreciate the quality of the waveforms.


I'm thrilled by the PLG modular system. When I order my Motif (when, not if), it will come the the AN and VL plugs and the BCA breath controller. I'll leave the third PLG slot open for some new development down the road.


I have not played with it as a sampler/sequencer. It seems to be very well connected and optimized to grow with you (though, IMO, we're all "growing" toward softsynths and sampler, whether we acknowledge it or not).


Yeah, sound quality is certainly subjective. I like, and will own, the Motif.



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