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Roland FP3 piano

Mr Blab Blab Bla

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Hello .

The FP3 is more versatile than the P80 . Over 40 sounds . Drum Loops to jam with . But .....it weighs 55lbs . The P80 is 40lbs . I like the piano sounds on the Fp3 and it's versatility. The action is a classic Pa4 hammer action from Roland . If weight doesn't matter than I would choose the FP3 . dano

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I don't remember the FP3 having over 40 sounds, I thought it only had 6 variations of the 7 sou.... yeah I guess it does. duh! we are talking about the same one, right? The gold keyboard? I thought it had the best piano sound/action I've ever played, and I've played Yamaha S80, Roland XV-88, Alesis QS8, Kurzweil PC88, etc. and I have to say how much I enjoyed playing the thing... but for the money I could have something else that maybe doesn't sound/feel as good (S80) but has more sounds, lots more midi functions, and expandability, etc.
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