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Hi everybody, I am leaving in a hurry for jazz gigs in the North-West of Italy, and I would like to give you a little update of what's happening on this part of the Mediterranean.

Today (Thursday), hundreds of Americans went to the U.S. ambassade in Rome to simbolically give flowers for the victims of the attacks.

Tomorrow, it's been proclamed a day of national mourning: All shops and stores will close briefly. In all sports events during the whole weekend, a minute of silence will be observed.

As for me, it's been really difficult to get back at work and concentrate on music... I can only imagine how that can be for you Americans.

I really would like to follow the various discussions more closely, but my schedule is starting to be very tight again... I don't know if I can have an Internet connection (plus some free time!) while I'm out, so see you next week, probably.

Special apologies to Faruk... I'll be back to you and BC matters as soon as I can.



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Looking forward to hearing from you when you get back from your shows.


Today all the churches of Vienna rang their bells in mourning, it was very moving. The building I live in was bombed by Allied planes in WWII, when the bells were ringing I was thinking, this scene and sound is proof that things can change in a huge way.



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Many Americans have American Flags flying .

Homes,churches , schools ......

It is very moving to see the Patriotism on every street . Nice to here the things coming out of Europe . Thank you for sharing ! Let the Bells ring ............and God Bless dano

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Hi guys, I'm back... for now at least!


Originally posted by marino:

I really would like to follow the various discussions more closely, but my schedule is starting to be very tight again...


On top of this, I found a message from an agency I worked with in the past, asking me to play a concert of solo piano classical music. Wonderful, I said, when is it? Answer: NEXT MONDAY, September 24th!! It's a SOS, to be sure; they need a sub for another pianist who got sick. The place is wonderful, the money is good, they gave me carte blanche on the program, and I can have a word in the choice of the piano... so who am I to refuse? http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/smile.gif

But given the fact that I can't delay most of my present commitments, this starts to sound really scary. I'll need every waking hour to study and work. I don't really know if I'll have time to get on the web at all. I'll do my best...


Anyway, the concerts went well, altough it was difficult to really concentrate; everybody still had in their heads the horror for last Tuesday and the fear of a new, bigger war. I spent a lot of time in my hotel room, watching CNN or BBC World. I was not the leader, but at every show I asked both the performers and the audience for a minute of silence. And boy, it was *real* silence... you could hear people breathing.

Furthermore, being a motor sports fan and a follower of Italian CART driver Alex Zanardi, I was terrified in learning about the horrible accident he suffered last Saturday.


On a lighter side, we stayed in a big, wonderful hotel in the Alps, and in that same hotel were about 50 supermodels (I mean, of the female type), gathered there for a competition (mm, talk about bad timing). I won't tell you more. http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/biggrin.gif







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