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best free electronica on the web.


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Who do you think has some of the best electronica on the web, preferably mp3 format and free. I came across a project called Torraka (sp?) on Ampcast.com...I am very impressed with this work, especially since the bio says the guy was a rock guitarist for like 10 years and is just starting to experiment with electonica.
Heeeeeere kitty kitty kitty
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dang, pop!


great tip on the techno video game stuff.


could you post a threat over in craig's forum where you list everything you know about music, video games, computers, the internet, humor, programming, the radio, etc.?


you throw some great shit out every day!


here's some other stuff i'm into, maybe you can school me some more: letterman, golf, brasil, eames, dvd commentary tracks, & django.

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