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Tascam us-428+OSX+Deck =happiness?

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Can't comment on the Tascam US-428...but it should work fine as there is now a Core Audio driver for it on their Web site. The US-428 is a very cool little box. What I wanted to say is that you might also want to check out the Event EZ-Bus. I got one mainly to use as a portable mini-mixer for keyboards, but I recently plugged it into my Dual 800 to see if it would work with Logic 5.4 under OS X 10.2.1. There is no Core Audio or Core MIDI driver for the EZ-Bus listed on Event's Web site, but the unit appears not to need them. When you plug it in to the USB port, it automatically registers itself as a sound input and output device, and also shows up under the Audio/MIDI Setup utility. So far, I've been very pleasantly surprised running the EZ-Bus with OS X and Logic...it is a very flexible piece of gear.
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