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i'm micing my first tuba ever. any tips? i've got access to a tlm-103, a senneheiser 421 an akg d112 or an at4033. sytek, grace and vmp-2 pre's. i'm thinking single large diaphgragm condenser about 3' above and about 30 degrees off axis from the bell. was thinking of a condenser to accent the bright/attack aspects of the tuba since there is so little of this information in the overall sound. (it's going to be mixed with trumpet, mandolin and accordian) what mics do you use? where you put them? thanks.
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Naw man... don't worry about miking at all- just go down to the music store and rent an electric tuba. And don't cheap out with the single-coil mouthpiece, go for the full humbucker, since that gets the best gain and tightest thrashmetal tuba tones..... Oompa Oompa Doompity Dah.... ===================================================== #include

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I'd sure would love to try a Coles ribbon in front, distance 10 feet or more. Destined to sound full & warm. If you want a natural sound, I suggest that you try to keep some distance. Take a good listen to the instrument first so that you know how it is supposed to sound. Keep us posted! /Mats


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