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Choosing among best "real analog" synths

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I've been using virtual analog synths for a couple years now. I own a Virus, NordLead II, some of the VST plug in synths, etc and for my money they still don't compare as far as sonic, tonal impact to real analog synths like my old studio electronics minimoog, or even Waldorf Pulse +. They new "virtuals" are great for modulation choices, different filter model choices, etc but they don't have that "magic".


I have been been considering Omega 8 or Andromedia but have heard the Omega has zipper noise problems and the Andromedia isn't really that "fat" sounding. My other choices are to hunt down an OBMX. Any personal experience with these units?

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Originally posted by raregroove:

I have been been considering Omega 8 or Andromedia but have heard the Omega has zipper noise problems and the Andromedia isn't really that "fat" sounding.


Uh huh...


Oh yes she is...Andromeda is all about fat, my brother.


Andy has two filters..the two-pole multi-mode filter is designed after an Oberheim SEM, and the four pole is designed after a modular Moog 900 series filter. They scream, dude. They''ll blow your ears off your head. You can stack up to four waveforms in each oscillator; plus add a sub oscillator as well...kinda hard not to be fat with those characteristics.


Plus, Andy has a mode called Unison X, which I call Insta-fat. It allows you to decide how many voices that you want per key, and then detune them. You can even do the old Jupiter-8 trick of having the most oscillators be assigned to the keys, and then be divided down as you play more keys - so if you play one note, 16 (!) oscillators will stack...play two, it cuts to 8 per key...play four, it cuts to four per key. I love this feature on the JP8, and I am the one who requested that it be added to Andy.


Anyone who says Andy ain't that fat either hasn't played one, or didn't know what they were doing when they did.





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The Sunsyn should be a great beast if it ever comes out. A lot of its features remind me of the Elka synthex, especially the RCO's - digital oscillators that control a ramp generator so they sound almost identical to VCO's.


You might also want to check out the Technosaurus Groove pair - the Microcon and Cyclodon mini synth and sequencer together. Check it out at the Drum Machine museum store. There's also tons of mp3's and .mov files of Mickey tweaking these little guys and using the cyclodon to control various analog synths in his arsenal like the prophet-5. The microcon is a simple minded synth, but its sound is damn fat.




Also if you have questions about the Omega 8, email or call Mickey Tachibana at the drum machine museum, since he both has one and sells them.

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