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ZR-76 Rhythm Machine - Anything else like it?


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I had an Ensoniq ZR-76 for a short while and the only thing I really liked about it was the rhythm machine. To anyone who knows sequencers/drum machines: Is this a common "operating system"? I mean, are there other drum machines that allow you to program patterns and fills on the fly?


The thing I loved most was being about to insert a fill on any beat.

Using a four-beat fill for example: if I wanted to just pick up the fill on the up-beat of beat 3, I just pushed the button on that up-beat. It didn't play the whole four beat fill, just the last beat and a half. I thought that was very cool.


Are there other drum machines that work this way?


Thanks, I tried to word this as best I could. Dan.

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Yes, most drum machines will act like that with the fills..... when you push the fill button, they will start playing the fill on that beat. You don't have to push the fill at the very beginning of the measure or anything weird. I don't really know what you're talking about as to "programming fills on the fly", so I can't answer that. The Alesis SR-16 has a cool real-time record option which will continue to loop whatever you've recorded, when you play anything it automatically inserts that into the loop. So you can start by playing the bass, then adding the snare, etc, etc...... I don't know if that's at all what you were talking about, but oh well. Hope this helps.



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Drum machines like the SR16 will do the fill thing, but only with two fills, versus the ZR's eight fills and eight variations. Frankly I loved the ZR76 for the rhythm arranger... some of the beats and fills on there were awesome! The only thing I didn't like were the tom sounds on the kits. I could've MIDI'd to a drum module of some sort... Unfortunately, I haven't found any other keyboard that did what the ZR did. And drum machines fall short, unless you want to do some extra programming. Sad, isn't it?

Bill Murphy


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Thanks for the response. Yes, it is sad.

EMU/Ensoniq should package that rhythm processor on it's own.

At one time there was a database where users would post their patterns - just an incredible idea for someone like me who can not program a pattern that sounds at all decent.

murph, obviously you know exactly what I was talking about. I could sequence patterns and fills in real time that I thought sounded exceptional for any drum machine - and IMO I do mean exceptional.

Oh well, feel free to email me if you ever find something like it!


Thanks. Dan. www.studiocovers.com

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