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Using the Triton


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Just purchased a Triton keyboard, love the sounds and features, but the manual is as much help as windows documentation. Does anyone have any suggestions of third party folks that explain how to do things with the keyboard? Im looking for something along the lines of "The Triton for Idiots" or at least a well written guide or website.


It may just be me, but I used to have a Ensoniq SQ2 and I could create sequences and songs without even looking at the manual. Not the case for me and the Triton. Thanks in advance!

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Love your movies!


I don't know of any Triton tutorials, but the manual will serve you well if you're patient with it. The only problem I had with it was the I kept having to switch back and forth between the books.


Here are a couple of tips that might help.


1. Globals settings are temporary unless you save them explicitly. This is a cool feature, because you can make some changes for a single session, and the next time you turn on the Triton, you're back to your original settings. If you want to make a global change permanent, select Save Global Settings from the pull down menu.


2. Multis (rack) and Sequences will be lost when you turn the power off. You have to save them to a floppy. Don't do what I did when I set up my first multi-channel arrangement, only to find that it had disappeared overnight. Format some floppies right away, and keep some backup copies, too.


3. When you go to the Sequence mode (kbd) or the Multi mode (rack), you'll see 000 New Sequence (or New Multi). To create another Seq or Multi, you could use a copy command from the pulldown menu, or you can simply type in another number on the keypad. If you type, for instance, 003, the Triton will ask you if you want to create a new Sequence or Multi at that location. Answer, "Yes." The Triton also allows you to create a multi setup from a number of templates. This is really handy when you're getting started.


4. Effects - a REALLY, REALLY cool feature of the Triton is that it allows you to copy the effects of a program to a Sequence or Multi. Select a program and note which insert and master effects it uses (this is displayed when you pull up the program, or you can select MENU, Insert Effects or MENU, Master Effects. Let's say you want program A035 on track 3 of your Seq/Multi. Select this program for this track, then select MENU, Master Effects. From the pulldown menu, select Copy Master Effects. Select PROGRAM and A035 as the source, press OK, and the effects are copied to the multi. Do the same for the insert effects, but be careful not to overwrite insert effects that other programs require. If, for instance, another program is using insert effect 1, and program A035 has two insert effects (IFX1 and IFX2), you might want to copy these to destinations IFX2 and IFX3, respectively. Be sure to check the "Post Effects Routing" setting on to set sequential routing and the master effects sends properly. It sounds complicated, but it's really very simple AND very powerful. I wish other synths could do this.


5. If you sync to external clock and you have a sequence active, you may run into this problem. I use an empty sequence to set up multi-timbral operation on the keyboard version. When you create a new sequence, it asks you for the song length, but for some reason (a bug, I suspect), this setting is not stored. The default sequence length is 64 measures. When your sequencer passes 64 measures, wham! All of your carefully laid out settings are corrupted, and you have to call the sequence up again to reset them.


The trick is to set the length of a TRACK to a large number of measures. The sequence length will adapt to the length of this track. You have to plress MENU, then Track Edit, then select Set Track Length from the pull down menu. This is really kludgy, but I haven't found a better workaround.


Good luck!!!

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It looks like you're just not used to the Triton's page-menu structure. There's a lot of info on that screen, but sometimes you have to press the page button to get to the rest of the details.


Another thing that will help you get started on sequencing with the Triton is using their sequencer templates. There are several dozen templates that Korg loaded into the Triton's memory to let you start sequencing in a variety of styles. Instead of starting from scratch, it sets up some rudimentary instruments on various channels/tracks, and also gives you (if my memory serves) a fair amount of patterns to use for drums and other instruments. Since I'm not a Triton owner, I'm not exactly sure how to load them anymore, but I think you just hit the load button on the screen and find the templates there. If not, search the manual for templates, I remember the description being fairly easy to understand.


As far as books go, unfortunately Wizoo doesn't make one for the Triton. I did, however, find a website for you: www.tritonhaven.com there's a fair qamount of information here, but none of it looks all that helpful. Its faq got one of the most important features of the Triton dead wrong- the Song Play mode is a really cool way of using the sequencer, because it allows you to chain together different sequences, using each sequence as a block of a song (like chorus/verse/etc.) and then pulling them all together.


Good luck and I hope you get underway soon.

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Hehehe... Korg "user guides" -- these are funny because they are the same things that Korg gives to the dealers to learn the equipment, except instead of having boxes that say "Selling Tip" they say "Power user's tip". If you want a hard copy of the pdf file, you might as well just go to a neighborhood dealer and ask if they've got any extra Triton Dealer guides. Don't get me wrong, they are very useful resources, and they often help you get to the basics much quicker than the manual ever will, but it's just so funny how they distribute them in secret form to the dealers, and then just put them on the website for users to download.
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