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Cakewalk or Cubase?


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Originally posted by K.C.:

I have been using cakewalk for sometime.. I just wonder is there any problem if I install both the 2 system in a same windows OS? I never use Cubase VST before. Does anyone know which is better?


Well, as far as I know, the latest Cubase still has problems with DirectX 8, check here:




and the latest Cakewalk, SONAR, is optimized for DirectX-8. The Cakewalk 9 demo ran fine on the same machine as my Cubase, with DirectX 7.


Check if your soundcard has the right drivers before buying! Also, post your system on some of the forums, so people can warn you if there are known bugs/compatibility problems.


People have really strong opinions about which platform is the best.


You really have to decide for yourself and you really have to make BLIND TEST checks when it comes to audio, and even then you can only say "on my system..." because there are so many links in the chain.


There are also many variables when it comes to midi performance- setting buffers, etc. so it takes time to really figure out the optimal performance.


All the major software packages are good, the question is, are they good on your system and for you? It's plain to see- if a program runs flawlessly for one person and poorly for another, the variable is probably not the program, but somewhere in the system/compatibility/OS/soundcard/driver/whatever.


Sorry for going on about this, but I just wanted to stress the point because people get kind of crazy about it!


All things considered, I am making the competitive upgrade from Cubase to Sonar, based on the Cakewalk 9 demo and the Sonar goodies list. http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/smile.gif


My partner and I have been blind-testing each other, and I've been monkeying with the demos for a while now, and that was the hands down decision- YRCVWBD (your reality could very well be different).









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Oh.. I thought this was going to be a real Cubase versus Cakewalk, not a can I have them both scenario. In the former situation, however, I would suggest Cubase all the way.. cakealk has always been a sort of follower in music technology.. and ease of use has never been their thing, unless you like dialog boxes. Sonar may seem like it's another story, but remember that it's essential Cakewalk version 10.0 with a new name (no one likes to hear a version 10.0). What it has going for it is that it's the first time a piece of Cakewalk software has actually innovated something before the others got around to it - and that's its use of DirectX 8 and DXi/DirectX instruments. But that just brings it up to par with VST version 2.0, which has already been around for a year and works on both Mac and PC. So you see Cakewalk is still a follower.
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The only reason I use Cubase is the ASIO-drivers. I need them to be able to record real-time VST-instruments with low latency. Plenty of soundcards have hardware-support built in. I'm on a real low-budget machine, with a real low-budget soundcard (SoundBlaster Live). Yeah, I know I should buy a better one, but then again, I should buy a sampler, more sampler-cd's, ExpressionMate and so on.. and I want to buy Reason (gosh, it supports ASIO!), Reaktor 3.0 and such so it's down to priorities. Anyway, I don't think Cakewalk supports ASIO, and that's a major drawback. I can use the hacked drivers to SBLive and get latency as low as 12ms!. I think Cubase basically sucks. It has these tons of configuration windows, you have no clue what you're fiddeling with when checking one of those boxes. I've ended up reinstalling Cubase a couple of times because I couldn't find out which settings that messed up my system. WHY isn't there a flow-chart diagram of cubase where you can exactly see (from Keyboard-midi-In to Speaker-out) what is happening when you check one of those boxes. Jesus, my Reaktor is so transparent in that way. A flow-chart-diagram would be the end of "I've plugged in my keyboard and I can't hear anything"-questions. Oops, you've probably checked the box in Midi-thru for Velocity , bummer. Newbies be aware!. I'm so upset with the C-style programming of that sequencer that I'm actually considering making a sequencer myself.


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Cubase 5 uses 32 bit! It's awesome. And the True Tape technology is really worth checking out.

I've tried both and like Cubase better. And I don't think it's a problem having both on the same machine. I had both installed for a while with no problems.

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