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Help with Part Layer mode for CS6x/r...i'm confused !!!


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Hi everyone, i finally bought a CS6R, wich i like very much. I'm sequencing for a live show using the CS6R and an XV-5080 or Proteus 2000 ( still undecided between the two ).

Anyways, i have a question regarding the " Layer Part " screen in performance mode. what the hell is it for ???...this seems VERY confusing !!! The manual says you can layer up to 4 parts by switching Layer to on in the Layer Mode Page BUT what is the difference or advantage of this feature over simply assigning all the parts that we want to be layered to the same midi channel and by doing this we can have as many parts layered as we want so what's the big deal with this rather confusing Layer mode page ???

ALso, how do you guys like editing with SounDiver....i juist bought a copy and still can't figure out how to use it..The CS6R is receiving and transmitting to SD but i can't figure out how to simple edit a patch. I mean it works fine with my JV 1010 but the CS adaptation seems very confusing.



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